Monday, 24 July 2017

ZS2 Sprint

5 QSOs, jeez.... Called CQ until I went hoarse.

(Also trawled HF this weekend to try and pick up anyone on the Scottish DX event, but nada.)

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Managed 8 QSOs in the Newbie Party before my Kenwood went on the blink grrrr. It's been repaired by Daniel ZS6JR but meantime I missed the ZS5 Sprint.

Then yesterday I trawled HF for 3 hours to try and give away some points in the QRP Contest, but didn't hear a peep.

Next week is the ZS2 Sprint: hopefully better luck then.

Meantime, Hugh ZS6HMB is having hassles getting out on VHF and right now not sure what the problem is.

I had good signals in this morning on both the Highway (3650) and Border (7074) nets, but cba to join in.

Here's the band conditions at the moment:

I've been in comms with Jacques ZS6JPS about operating ZS6IEE for the SARL Field Day in September and he seems keen, so hoping something comes of that. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Museums on the Air

Had a pleasant eyeball QSO with Jacques ZS6JPS and Renato ZS6REN at the AWA / IEE and operated for a while as ZS6IEE.

Then went out to the SAA Museum at  FAGM to meet Barry ZS6OY whom I haven't seen for a while, very laid back with his rig under the wing of ZS-SAN "Lebombo".

Thanks chaps- great morning.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

ZS6HMB QTH with my slimjim

So, Hugh ZS6HMB has great signal from Randburg to HVB repeater with my shop-bought slimjim so he's back on air.

Time to make a mag loop antenna

My never-ending source of loan "goodies" OM Leon ZR6LU has lent me a large variable capacitor which he has used before on a mag-loop so knows it's suitable for that.

So plan is now to make a really simple co-ax one with that cap and see how it turns out. Something like this....

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


I have a 250mW Ultimate 3 WSPR beacon on loan from OM Leon ZR6LU and so far have been spotted from Johannesburg (locator KG43at) on 40m in Reunion (LG79rc, 2850km) and Western Australia (OF87bx, 8300km) and on 20m in Western Australia (OF86td, 8300km).

Antenna is my normal random wire in a tree in the garden.

ZS6HMB QTH update

Well the homebrew slimjim allows Hugh to hit the HVB repeater with my Yaesu using 25W, although it's a bit scratchy. Going to swop it for my shop-bought one and see if it helps. Problem's probably the (lack of) height though.

I'll be fine with homebrew from my QTH.